WWE star Scarlett Bordeaux shows off ‘perfect’ body in pink mesh bikini while revealing tattoo in very X-rated area


WWE star Scarlett Bordeaux showed off her incredible physique in a pink mesh bikini on the beach. The wrestler, 31, shared the snap on social media and received more than 50,000 likes from her 767,000-strong following.

And the picture also showed off a tattoo she has just above her groin. Reacting to the image, fellow WWE personality Megan Morant replied: “Beautiful”.

While another fan added: “It’s just perfect”. As well as her WWE work, Bordeaux is in the top 0.04 per cent of creators on OnlyFans and even had to suspend her account as she could not keep up with the demand of new subscribers.

And Bordeaux has a host of options for her career moving forward.

She told Fitness Gurls: “When I was in college as a musical theatre major, I had vocal nodules which lead me to begin focusing more on wrestling.

“I’ll always love to sing but as of right now wrestling and modelling will remain my top priority with singing as a hobby.”

And the part-time model certainly has the drive to succeed in wrestling – if her workout regimen is anything to go by. Bordeaux leaves no stone unturned ensuring each part of her body receives the attention it needs throughout the week.

She added: “I work out at least four times a week focusing mostly on lower body and glutes for the majority of those days.

“I dedicate at least one day for upper body so my legs have a chance to rest. I also do fast cardio a few days a week in the morning for 30 minutes, usually just a power walk around the neighbourhood.

“After high school I wanted to change and improve my health and body when I fell in love with wrestling. “It took a lot of time and consistency to get to where I am today.

“I think too often people labour under the notion that either a person is athletic or they are not and there’s no way to overcome that. But it’s a myth.”

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