‘World’s hottest petrolhead’ splashes £350k on Lambo – then bonks on the bonnet….


A car-mad OnlyFans model splashed £350,000 on a Lamborghini – then ‘christened it’ with her husband Brad by bonking on the bonnet.

Bonnie Locket, AKA the ‘world’s hottest petrolhead’, bought the gleaming satin white SV Roadster and then blew another £120,000 having it converted to a 1600bhp, 220mph ‘beast’.

And after waiting months for her dream vehicle to arrive, the 35-year-old parked it in the garage of her £3m home, whipped off partner Brad’s clothes and got stuck into a steamy sex session.

Bonnie said: “I have always loved supercars, and I also love taking my clothes off and having sex, so it seemed the obvious thing to do, and Brad was well up for it.

“I thought about christening it inside on the seats, but it’s a bit of a squeeze so we chose the bonnet instead.

“Brad threw me around a bit, and at one point I had to tell him to mind the paintwork!”

Bonnie is one of OnlyFans ‘ top earners, banking around £120,000 a month.

Her Lambo, which has a 6.5 litre engine, is the latest in a long line of posh motors she has owned.

And the model loves nothing more than putting her foot down out on the open road, catching envious glances from the local constabulary as she zooms by – but within the speed limit, of course.

Bonnie said: “I have only been pulled over once, and that was for not having a number plate.

“The policeman was lovely about it.

“I thought about offering him a free subscription to my OnlyFans.

“I love seeing their faces as I cruise by them, I often get smiles from officers in patrol cars when they pull [up] alongside me.”

When Bonnie bought the luxury car, it boasted a brake horsepower of 759.

But that wasn’t enough for the Cheshire-based businesswoman and so she took it to Wrench Studios to have it converted.

The firm’s mechanics spent eight months working on the vehicle, before returning it to her this week.

She added: “She sounds amazing, the flames and the pops out of the titanium tipped exhaust are crazy.

“She’s a serious bit of kit, I’m so happy to finally have her home and can’t wait to meet lots of my fans and take her to all the car shows this summer.”

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