The Black Tape combination Project…..


I was fascinated right since the beginning and wanted to expand my skills in this direction. However, since I don’t live on the beach or even close to the sea and our lakes in Switzerland are beautiful, but would only be suitable for such a project for 4 out of 12 months, we had to approach it from a different angle.

A friend of mine @cmdrmurphy makes costumes and masks for himself. He was also the one who came to me with the Black Tape Project. Just a copy of the project was not enough for us. Our goal was to merge the black and colored tapes with other themes.

So we exchanged a few ideas and started looking for models who would like to be part of our project. Via the social media like Facebook & Instagram, but also on model websites like Modelkartei, many people wanted to join us and had contacted us within a very short time.

The stick on of thousands of small and large pieces of tape, skillfully and in breathtaking detail, takes a lot of time. So I decided to invite a second model to fill the waiting time with more shootings. Both models brought their own ideas what they want to try. We added more extravagant clothes to the tapes and created a completely new genre. Complemented with stabbing weapons we created fighters that never existed before.

I look forward to your comments. What do you think about the combination? Are there any other combinations you would like to see? We already have a few more combinations in the pipeline. If you are interested in participating in a future shooting, please contact me.

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