Olivia Wilde Embraces Her “Sєxy” Side In PH๏Τo Shoot !


Don’t worry, darling, a little nudity never hurt anyone. Olivia Wilde went wild in her latest pH๏τo shoot, baring all in a series of revealing images for True Botanicals’ latest campaign.

According to a press release from the skincare brand, the company let her decide how she wanted to “present herself to the camera” and helped her “unleash her innate feminine sensuality,” as her body was depicted “in a sensual, beautiful and raw (unretouched) form.”

As part of the eco campaign, Olivia was pictured topless in a swimming pool and sunbathing on a beach towel in the ɴuᴅᴇ. As the actress-turned-director declared, “I wanted to capture and show that sustainability is Sєxy.”

“I think that there is this impression that responsibility and sustainability are inherently rational and boring,” Olivia, 37, said in her statement.

She’s become somewhat of a #FreetheNipple activist, telling Vogue that she feels the stigma is “culturally specific” and there’s “less of a fear of the nipple” in other countries outside of the U.S.

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