Model balances eggs on M-cup b00bs as she transforms into $exy Easter bunny…


Model Jazmyne Day has got into the spirit of Easter is her own unique way.

The OnlyFans star, who is known for her surgically-enhanced M-cup boobs, decided to dress as a sexy bunny and balance glittery eggs on her chest to mark the holiday.

And fans were loving the cheeky display as they gushed over her transformation.

Jazmyne, who lives in Las Vegas, US, took to her Instagram to show off her look. She squeezed her huge curves into a strapless blue dress as she sat perched on a bed.

This big-breasted influencer doesn’t have a whole lot of support.

A model with size M-cup boobs is opening up about how people treat her differently all around the world, calling out Americans in particular.

Jazmyne Day claims people stare at her and harass her over her large breasts.

The 29-year-old from Wales told that people in the US very openly react to her appearance and are “very forward” about it.

“They will laugh and point, or stop and stare. They won’t make an effort to hide what they are doing,” she said.

The model said the only time people in the states aren’t so upfront is when they’re trying to sneak a picture.“I feel like they forget I’m still a human being. Just a human being with huge boobs.”

Day alleged that people in the UK are just as judgmental, though not as frank as those in the US.

“We are more reserved in the UK, so they are less vocal,” she said. “I get a lot of angry stares, mainly from other women.”The one place Day feels she can go without judgment is Australia.

Day, who used to live in Melbourne, traveled back there for the holidays and was “shocked” by how she was treated.

“People just treated me like everyone else. They maintained eye contact, they don’t stare or point,” she shared. “It really was refreshing. I love Australians.”She said Australia is one of her favorite places, specifically the animals, food, nature and “amazing vibes.”

Day went through surgery in 2018 and again in 2020 so she can have the “body of her dreams.”

Prior to going under the knife, she was a natural D-cup. Her size M breasts now weigh almost 10 pounds combined.She first began her body transformation journey in 2017, losing about 70.5 pounds and gaining muscle through diet and exercise.

The influencer has gained popularity on social media thanks to her unique figure, with 386,000 followers on her main Instagram and 298,000 followers on her fitness Instagram.

Day loves her new dream body — even though she’s aware people think it looks “ridiculous.”

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