Men love my Marilyn Monroe look on OnlyFans…


Leylah Dobinson, 23, is popular on OnlyFans due to her likeness to a huge Hollywood star. Recently she admitted she’s struggled to find men who want a relationship as they don’t take her seriously

A popular OnlyFans model has admitted she struggles to find love as men don’t take her seriously. Leylah Dobinson, 23, has found dating tough for quite some time.

Even though she’s been compared to Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe, she said men have told her they find her intimidating, which leaves her feeling hurt.

In a quest to find love, she’s now turning to Ex On The Beach in a bid to find the man of her dreams. She is set to star in the latest series of the hit MTV show.

Leylah, from Hastings, East Sussex, said: “Men don’t take me seriously at all with OnlyFans, but I’m just trying to embrace the natural body I have and just own it.

“I hope by going into reality TV I’ll be able to find someone – hopefully a soulmate and the love of my life.

“I’m looking for someone that wants the same lifestyle as me. I’m not normal – I’m different. “I’ve always wanted to be different, and will be an icon one day.”

The content creator previously hit the headlines due to her striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe, and she saw an explosion in subscriptions to her OnlyFans after the star’s Netflix biopic was released.

She claimed the site has set her up for financial freedom, and has allowed her to focus on her modelling career.

But, even though she’s popular online, she’s struggled to find “the one”, and feels men overlook her when it comes to settling down. She hopes turning to TV will help her find the man of her dreams who shares her ambitions of fame and fortune.

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