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Lindsey Pelas does it all. With a presence in entertainment, fashion and the food industries, you might wonder what is left for her to conquer. Pelas is an investor in Sugar Taco and Sugar Taco 2, content creator and actress and has collaborated with brands like Revolve and Yeezy and artists like The Weeknd, Calvin Harris and Tyga.

On TV, you may have caught Pelas in cameos on The Eric Andre Show, Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack and MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. Currently, the multi-hyphenate talent is working on a few acting projects, including two horror films set for later this year. Taking a moment between roles, Pelas spoke with us about her dynamic career, advice for rising entrepreneurs and being honest with her followers.

You’ve been described as an entrepreneur by nature. Did you always know you wanted to have a jack-of-all trades career?

It was so strange. I always knew I wanted to attend college, but my career goals afterward seemed muddy in my mind. I couldn’t pinpoint it when I was younger. And as an adult now, it makes total sense because I wear a variety of hats a lot people wouldn’t expect or don’t see.

The truth is, I love to learn. And I really do love to work. I get the biggest kick out of producing a magazine-quality worthy photoshoot. I get a kick out of shipping merchandise. I get a kick out of acting. I think I love the chaos of difficult things, but mostly I just love learning. Learning requires doing and I think the entrepreneurial mind is really the mind of someone who loves to learn and try. That is definitely me.

You’re a Louisiana native. What was the most important lesson you learned during your journey from your hometown to becoming an entrepreneurial success in Los Angeles?

I love my Louisiana roots so much and I am so proud of being from a place rich in culture. I think Louisiana natives have a leg-up when it comes to remaining authentic. Where I’m from, money, fame and appearances don’t matter as much. Good food, good times and good people matter. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is really to embody that at all times. Know what matters, enjoy the rest and don’t forget to let the good times roll when you can.

From Revolve to Yeezy to The Weeknd, you’ve worked with a host of brands and talent. Do you find collaborating in a certain industry more creatively inspiring than another?

Well, it’s so damn good! I think everyone (myself included) really enjoys eating something indulgent and delicious that is cruelty-free and environmentally conscious.

This one’s fun. Here’s the thing. You’re going to have to hire help eventually. But, help will cause problems. No one will look out for your business the way you do. I think when you accept this fact, it becomes a little bit easier. Also, no one is actively trying to do a bad job. Things happen. You become really powerful if you can keep your cool through all of it. That’s something I’ve been focusing on this year.

Gosh, I don’t know! I think I’ve helped aid in the success of other people (as other people have done for me) and that makes me happy to think about.

Not only are you involved in a multitude of philanthropic causes, but you also use your social media platforms to speak out on social and political issues, such as the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade. How has being transparent about such issues been key to having a good relationship with your audience?

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