Didn’t they give you a freebie? Irina Shayk wears mismatched ʙικιɴι in Miami after modelling for swimwear brand….


Instead, the model was left to wear a mismatched ʙικιɴι on her trip to Miami beach.

However, looking the way she does, Irina still looked the picture of perfection on the sand.

Opposite: After starring in the campaign for a Colombian swimwear brand, Irina Shayk’s taste in ʙικιɴι seemed to be far simpler

Wearing a neon pink strapless top, she wore a skimpy black thong to overcome frustrating tan lines.

But she lost glamour points by wearing a New York baseball cap on her head – obviously preferring the sporty look on this beach visit.

Down in the city where the heat is on… Irina Shayk spent all day on the beach of Miami with a male friend

Mismatch: The Russian model paired her pink bandeau top with a black for the less obvious tan lines

The beautiful brunette met the Portuguese footballer on an Armani campaign three years ago.

But Irina wasn’t starved for male attention.

Wrong state! Irina wore a New York hat even though she was in Florida

After putting on her little white shorts and green T-shirt, the model made her way off the beach with a male friend.

The Sports Illustrated cover girl may have been extending her birthday celebrations with the trip across the pond, and brought along the friend for company while her boyfriend is on the football field.

And after starring in those sultry swimwear pH๏τos, Irina probably had more than enough volunteers to be her traveling companion.

Submerged: The 26-year old proves her chops as a model in this underwater sH๏τ for the Agua Bendita swimwear brand

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